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Art is the journey of a free soul.

Love is the spirit that motivates the artist's journey. It's not just about creativity; it's about the person you're becoming while you're creating. It's about creating something with your hands and evoking emotion in another when you share it.


alexis volpe

Alexis is a Brooklyn-based designer with a passion to generate and inspire others with her designs. Graduating with a BFA in illustration at The Fashion Institute of Technology she is proficient in graphic design and illustration. Alexis is a freelance artist who enjoys oil painting and water color art for her personal pieces.


eric kerekes

Utilizing the feeling of unity, integrity & cooperation, Eric infuses light & love into his work. He is a resourceful solutionist who brings next level creativity from the simple to the complex. Eric incites consciousness to contract work and various creative projects he provides to clients. Whether it's a dream to life, simple power washing, or a space transformed, Eric’s style invites fun & simplicity with an eye for a harmonious esthetic to complete projects.

There is a sense of honesty and passion infused into Eric’s work; clients experience easy & stress free contract work with affordable pricing & honest communication.

Eric is the 2nd of 6 children. He had moved from Long Island to Dingmans Ferry, PA, to Caldwell, NJ by the time he was 14.  He fell in love with nature during his time in PA; much to his delight that 6 year period was spent homeschooled, exploring the woods and local waterfalls, & building tree-houses with reclaimed wood. He learned how to drive stick, started working at a plant nursery, had clients for snow removal, & painted his first bathroom by age 10.

After moving to NJ, Eric began his work story with the guidance of artisans in different trades to develop fundamentals in wood, tile, painting, esthetics & practical solutions. He is super excited to be a part of FlipSide :) 

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mark minchak

Mark never liked to follow rules in life, rather create his own.  He likes to take a similar approach when working on his projects.  Why not just move the staircase to the other side of the room for an open concept?  Why not repurpose old wood to create a pallet wall?  Why not add a urinal to the man cave bathroom?  Although he does all his own electrical, plumbing, drywall and carpentry work, his recent woodworking has become his favorite medium. He's been creating custom pallet walls, building reclaimed wood signs and working with live edge wood slabs (shown here).  He also enjoy expressing himself through playing the piano and making wine.

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Art is how you make others feel.

Art has the power to transform, illuminate, educate and motivate. A true artist is not inspired but inspires others.

Mary Bio Pic.jpeg

mary o'connell

Mary is a Florida based Art Director and Graphic Designer.

For 20 years, Mary has been designing for product launches, sales meetings, and award shows for clients such as IBM, Apple, Cisco, Novartis, Novo Nordisk, Guardian Life Insurance, Scripps Networks, Ricoh, and many more. Mary has also designed for events such as The NYC2012 Olympic bid and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s annual Betting on a Cure Fundraiser as well as logo designs and design collateral for small companies.

Mary achieves flow while designing and is engaged by the challenge to communicate messages visually. She enjoys working on initial design concepts and branding identity systems, as well as helping speakers tell stories through effective and engaging speech support graphics.

Mary’s first loves are drawing, sculpture, languages and her dogs; a Border Collie mix named Widget and an Australian Shepherd mix named Darla.

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roman laszok

Maine artist and designer Roman Laszok’s unique paintings are inspired by the beauty of the natural world. An artist by nature and designer by trade, his need to create spawned the idea for The Creative Furnace. An outlet for his creativity, the company is a way to share his passion for design whatever the medium. Ever since early childhood, his fascination with art and the world around him has inspired his sense of style and approach to design and is the driving force behind creative solutions for visual communication.

For the last 17 years, Roman has been working in various markets from advertising agencies to music labels, publishing to experiential marketing. He has designed everything from logos, corporate identities, packaging designs, event sets and websites for national clients such as Verizon, Walmart, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Kraft Foods, Aretha Franklin and Whitney Houston to name a few.

©DYANA VAN CAMPEN_7F2A0302.jpg.jpeg

tatianna powzaniuk

 "A well-designed space creates a feeling, an emotion, an experience. It's absolutely amazing to be part of this creative journey and witness the joy that one experiences while living and celebrating in these spaces."

Tatianna, a New York based designer, recalls being a little girl about nine, moving furniture and lighting around her bedroom with such passion until she got it just right. She's been designing spaces and creating experiences ever since.

Whether it's designing a comfortable and expressive space for living (residential interior design), a place where ones business may thrive (commercial interior design), or a fun, vibrant event for a celebration (event planning and design), it always begins with getting to know the client. It's important to have a clear and accurate understanding of what their vision is so that the space can be designed in a way that they connect with. Ultimately this space will be a reflection of them and the goal is always to bring about a feeling, an emotion and an experience.

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Art is a continuum in which all participate. Creativity is contagious. Pass it on.


sean scully

Sean expresses his art through woodworking. At an early age, Sean's father exposed him to the art of woodworking as well as how to operate the tools required to make such pieces. Fast forward about 25 years and Sean has taken those early year fundamentals and put them into practice. He occupies his time with home improvement projects along with his recent creations from wood. His first project was a cutting board as an anniversary present for his wife, Stephanie. Since then, he's created a few bookcases as well as multiple cutting boards, wine racks and drink coaster sets, all upon request.. He looks forward to taking on new projects and developing new skills that he eventually can pass on to his son Christian, honoring traditions passed down from father to son.

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stephanie gerolamo scully

Stephanie has always had a love for painting; it was a hobby that brought her happiness while she decided to pursue her career in other ventures. Along the way, a redirection in life brought Stephanie back to her passion. She decided to start painting her first pet, a chocolate lab named Kona Elima.  The love for this work was immediate.  Since then, she's decided to not only paint as a hobby, but to create to share for others to enjoy as well. Stephanie mainly paints portraits of pets, however she creates pieces upon request. Some others examples of work include skylines, homes, floral and children. 

Stephanie works in black and white acrylic and always includes a  touch of color somewhere in the painting; she feels the pop of color complements the overall piece.

You can view examples of Stephanie's work by checking out her Facebook page: KonaElimaDesigns




Welcome Yohann!

Welcome Yohann!

Welcome, YOHANN!

My name is Yohann Zielyk.

I’m a Paris based cartographer. I love maps. I’m a graphic designer too, sometimes...

I work for a very famous french oil company.

I speak French, my English is ok, I’d love to speak Italian.

I like to explore the city, visit a museum, buy some old stuff, have a drink on terrace.

My passions are photography, travelling, snowboarding, live music. I’ll be a good cook some day.

For the last 20 past years I have travelled in many parts of the world, most often with my small analog cameras.

The most significant journeys were New Zealand, Iceland, India, Réunion island, and an epic road-trip from Seattle to San Francisco.

Very proud and excited to be a featured under the FlipSide Collective !