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Follow your soul. It knows the way.

  Life is a beautiful opportunity. It's a chance for us to explore and learn, mainly about ourselves. Only when we get in touch with our souls, do we know what makes us happy. It's been such a wonderful experience teaming up with connected individuals and teams of people who can provide emotional support as well as keys for life management!


thought in motion

Thought in Motion partners with you wherever you are… when you feel motivated and inspired to leap to the next level or you feel alone and sad and just want understanding. Through your phone, tablet, or your computer… we inspire you to uncover your inner guidance system, and remind you that you aren’t alone on your inner journey.

A place where you can create and learn how to use thought energy through all unique experiences and lessons. Our goal is to educate you on how to change your life in a simple, attainable way. Experience Empower U or visit one of our physical locations, and you might just find all the answers that you have been searching for.

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Lindsay Morlock, Certified Scientific Hand Analyst, assists those with a deep desire for self-awareness and interest in discovering their true purpose in this lifetime.  She has a BA in Psychology from Gettysburg College and an MA in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies from Virginia Tech. She believes more fulfillment, more joy, more love, and more from life begin with a deep understanding of who you are and what your purpose and lessons are here on Earth. The hands provide a blueprint of your soul and thus a roadmap to your most fulfilling life.

Certified as a Hand Analyst through the American Academy of Hand Analysis in 2013, Lindsay conducts individual hand analysis sessions as well as training for those with the desire to experience profound personal transformation for themselves and others through this medium.  Her ultimate goal is to help individuals awaken and realize the unique gifts they were meant to share with the world and road blocks along the way.

It is her sincerest passion and pleasure to serve as a guide throughout an individual’s deeply personal and powerful journey. In 2016 she became Certified as a Test Assessor for Personality and Ability from the British Psychological Society. She also has a Coaching Certification from LifeBound.



Nina Antinora’s professional career spans over two decades as an entrepreneur, award-winning executive producer and adult learning expert. Through her personal experience, self-mindfulness and development, coupled with her professional expertise, she launched her inspirational life-ful­fillment brand: CHANGE IT UP with NINA ANTINORA in 2015.

Having once felt stuck and unfulfilled in her own life, Nina set out to make a change and was able to ultimately uncover her authentic self. Her big transformation allowed her to then identify the blocks and perceptions she once thought defined her, and was able to shine through and realize her greater purpose. That purpose is what drives Nina’s passion today to help you CHANGE IT UP and Create The Life You Crave.

She pulls from her own personal journey and deep intuition to inspire and motivate you to change your mindset. She helps you go deep within to uncover and embrace your authenticity and let go of what no longer serves your greater good. Nina’s simple principles and strategies help you achieve your desired goals and in return experience more joy and happiness in your life. She specializes in helping aspiring entrepreneurs take the next step to create their own business or brand. Nina also focuses on helping you navigate professional & personal relationships and is fiercely passionate about helping you ‘dropkick’ fear in the face! This is more of a calling than a job for Nina…She firmly believes that you are never too old and it’s never too late to make a change!

Ready to do what makes your soul sing? Change It Up with Nina Antinora at:

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sharon kenney rudy

Sharon Kenney Rudy is a teacher and an intuitive who has been immersed in the practices of yoga, meditation, and mysticism since 1998. She began teaching in Montclair and NYC in 2003. Sharon is the founder of Suvarna, a center for spiritual offerings in the heart of Montclair. She is known for her exceptional storytelling and love of mythology, which is woven into alignment-focused yoga. Her classes are smart yet accessible, insightful, and often humorous. 

Sharon works privately with individuals seeking intuitive readings and practical spiritual guidance to create an empowered life. She is also a certified Reiki Master and her energy healing sessions work to help optimize physical, emotional, and energetic well being. Sharon is a sought out teacher's teacher: she mentors and teaches yoga trainings, offers intuitive development classes, and Reiki certifications.

Visit or IG @tigerpriestess to connect. 


Maybe the journey isn't so much about becoming anything.      
Maybe it's about un-becoming everything that isn't really you so you can
be who you were meant to be in the first place.