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"Filmmaking is a chance to live many lifetimes." ~ Robert Altman

Filmmaking is a huge privilege. It's a chance to open our minds and touch our hearts. It gives us the opportunity to take us to places, connect with people and change lives. 


alexia adana

Alexia Adana is a NYC based Photographer and Director who has a deep passion for visual storytelling. She’s been involved in the arts since a young age performing in broadway groups and leading in school plays. When she got her hands on a camera in high school as the yearbook’s photographer she realized how much she loved capturing and telling stories about the world around her. That interest turned into passion after she received her first DSLR as a gift in college. She taught herself the mechanics of the camera and how to efficiently capture an image the way she desired. In time she became popular at her University and started an independent event photography and video business working with organizations and companies across the country. After graduating Alexia expanded her talents to branding, commercial, and corporate environments. She has developed a strong list of skills ranging from cinematography, editing, and directing. After over 6 years of freelancing Alexia now has an international career portfolio including work with major clients such as Complex Media, MTV, American Express, and The New York Film Festival. Passion for storytelling is what motivates her. Creativity, Determination, and Flexibility are what drive her growth.



damian kolodiy

Damian Kolodiy is a filmmaker based in New York City. Kolodiy has worked as a producer, director,  videographer and video editor for a variety of clients. His first feature documentary was on Ukraine’s Orange Revolution, the award winning “The Orange Chronicles”.  His follow up film "Freedom Or Death!" also was an award winner at film festivals in North America.  Kolodiy developed and produced a web series focused on the New York City rock 'n roll scene called NYC ROCKS TV. His first feature film was an experimental sci-fi fantasy filmed titled “ill Generation”. Kolodiy maintains a blog at Huffington Post and is a graduate of the Film program at Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts.

Contact info: DKvideo@gmail.com

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dan zielyk

Daniel Zielyk is a creative visual storyteller. His already prolific career in the industry includes cinematography and editing for DRTV infomercial products as well as Tristar entertainment, Mercedes Benz fashion week, music videos, live events, and promotional content for a variety of businesses and corporations. His work has appeared on the Ellen Degeneres show and he has worked with people such as Metta World Peace, Treach from Naughy by Nature, and Peter Rosenberg from Hot 97.1..

You can contact Dan at dan@zeesproductions.com


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greg baker

Greg is usually excited. He has reason to be. A charismatic New Yorker, Greg has an exceptional eye and understanding for what makes a photograph compelling. Greg is a Creative Director who has recently made the move to Los Angeles. A diehard Mets fan, Greg has been shooting content ranging from Live Action to Live Music, to sports, recently having successfully completed several assignments on location as the set photographer for several films which are currently in post-production.



Jason gonzalez

Jason lives in Redondo Beach, CA.  He's a proud member of the Local 600 International Cinematographers Guild. Jason works as a 1st assistant cameraman on music videos, documentaries, commercials and feature films. He loves his family and friends; he's known to live life to the fullest.

Contact info: rucker11@gmail.com 


kenny carlson

The first time Kenny edited a video, it was by linking the VHS camcorder his grandmother bought him to the VCR on his family's living room television. He hasn't stopped making fascinating videos ever since. He is the product of a pioneering high school video program and Back Porch Video, a music video program that predates MTV. Kenny went on to graduate from broadcasting school before achieving a bachelor of arts degree in communications from the University of Detroit Mercy. After working on diverse projects around Michigan, Kenny felt the need to have his work viewed by a wider audience and so moved to New York city. His talents have since been employed by some of the largest corporations in the world including IBM, PepsiCo and CanonUSA. Recently, Kenny has been working with renowned advertising agencies like Grey and BBDO on nationally televised commercials for AT&T, General Electric, Proctor & Gamble, NASCAR and many others. He has won awards for videos he directed and worked on a music video that is one of the fastest ever to reach 1 billion views on youtube. Kenny is a gifted artist who continues to raise the bar of every project he works on and the industry as a whole.

Contact info: videokenny@gmail.com